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Measuring your success by Weighing your profits.

Scale Center of Arizona has been serving Arizona businesses since 1992. As the Arizona principal, Dennis Davirro has held many positions since 1977 as his scale industry career began. Dennis' knowledge of the industry was increased from the "ground up" with each position held from working in the steel fabrication shop to draftsman, engineering and scale designer, installation supervisor, salesman, Branch Manager, General Manager and cullminating in ownership of Scale Center of Arizona in 2004.

Scale Center serves the commercial and industrial business community in Arizona by providing the highest quality weighing equipment for every application. Located in Phoenix, Arizona and serving the State of Arizona. Scale Center is a true “Start-up” success story and for nearly 25 years has become a leading and respected independent scale company in Arizona. Our beginnings as a start-up company has grown through a vision of assisting customers to find quality and economical equipment for their applications. Selected by the Arizona Small Business Development Center to participate in it's NEXLEVEL Business Parnership Program for entrepreneurship development, Scale Center has exceeded the programs expecations for business each year.

Scale Center adds value to your business when our professional sales engineers evaluate your weighing process and recommend improved or alternative processes and weighing equipment to improve your accuracy, quality and profitability. The Service and Calibration team at Scale Center, through our Periodic Maintenance program will ensure optimum accuracy and reliability of your existing weighing equipment when our service professionals test, calibrate and service your weighing equipment.


Scale Center provides industrial & precision scales, also force measurement equipment and services to Arizona businesses from Fortune 500 companies, state and local municipalities to start-up businesses who are looking for professionals to guide them through the purchasing process, equipment selection and ownership guidelines of weighing equipment.

Scale Center of Arizona is a Registered Service Agent with the Arizona Department of Weights & Measures RSA #14803 and is also a Licensed Contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors #206211. Scale Center conforms to the standards of ISO/IEC guide 17025 for service and calibration requirements.

We will address every customer's need and application with personal and professional expertise. We are staffed with experienced sales and service members that will provide expert solutions with successful results and increased profitability.

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