Cardinal FH Air Cargo Platform Scale

Upgrade to Air Cargo facility, Scale Center was asked to replace two old scales that have given the customer years of service but with age had become unreliable. Cardnal Scale Mfg has successfully worked with the customer across the country to provide scales and indicating equipment for many years. This project included two Cardinal FH model 10'x10' platform scales with a 5' intermediate deck between the live scales with a capacity of 20,000 lb capacity per platform. The scales were equipped with model 205 indicators. Installation was completed over a weekend so that the customer was operational for the Sunday evening shift.

Cardinal GUARDIAN Hydraulic Truck Scale

The City of Scottsdale Solid Waste Transfer Station determined a replacement of their existing Cardinal digital load cell scale was required due to premature aging caused by continual flooding over time. The scale was upgraded to the Cardinal GUARDIAN Hydraulic truck scale. The Guardian is impervious to water and lighting/surge voltage problems. This scale utilizes a hydraulic load cell and totalizer system that cannot be harmed by submersion or power surges. Installation was fast due to the utilization of the same height profile of the new versus the old scale, no additional concrete work was required. Scale Center removed the old scale and install the scale, ready to weigh over a weekend.

Rice Lake OTR (2) Truck Scales

Rice Lake OTR 70' x 11' concrete platform truck scales, including Rice Lake IQ+355 indicator and 4" high LaserLight remote scoreboard. This installation is at Madison Granite, Phoenix Arizona

Cardinal EPR Heavy Duty Axle Scale

Custom built for Arizona DOT at the Benson-Douglas Hwy Inspection Station, this scale is a 12' wide by 15' long and arranged for 10" thick reinforced concrete deck. The scale utilizes the iCAN digital system with the model 788 Programmable Controller with model SB250 Remote Display.

Fairbanks Unattended Access Solutions

Fairbanks "Driver Assist Terminal", Scale Center installed and maintains over 40 controllers at 16 Waste Management Transfer Stations and Landfills throughout Arizona. Powered by "MatreX" scale software and configured to operate with Waste Management's "FastLane" software, these units collect weight data from each scale and transmits real time data thru WM intranet for billing and tonnage collected purposes.

Rice Lake Coil Scale

Rice lake Wighing CS Steel Coil Scale with a 5ft x 5ft platform and a capacity of 60,000 lbs, this scale is built to withstand the rigors of industrial weighing applications for steel coils. Installed at Bull Moose Tubing Co in Casa Grande AZ.

Custom Scoreboard Display

Cardinal's SB250 Remote Display is utilized in a custom application built for State of Arizona, San Luis Port of Entry, AZ. The application features four SB250 displays stacked in a single outdoor enclosure. The first three displays indicate scales 1, 2, and 3 and the fourth display indicates total weight. Cardinal's SB250 was chosen because of its size and ability for precision display even in direct sunlight. The installation also uses Cardinal's iCAN intelligent junction box system. http://www.facebook.com/cardinaldetecto

Cardinal SRC Multi-Platform Truck Scale

Concrete foundation for a Cardinal model SRC, 100'X 12', Multi-Platform Truck Scale. This scale includes three individual platforms of 20', 20' & 60' in a single pit to weigh any length vehicle with the ability to instantly view each axle and total weights. Installed at the all new State of Arizona, San Luis, AZ Port of Entry, all truck traffic that crosses the Mexican border in the San Luis/Yuma U.S. Border is weighed across this scale.

Cardinal EPR Truck Scale

Cardinal 70 x 11 ft, model EPR, Steel Deck Truck Scale. This scale is equipped 4 1/2" dia. pipe safety side rails and Cardinal model 225 digital indicator.

Rice Lake OTR Truck Scale

Rice Lake OTR 70' x 11' truck scale w/concrete platform, includes Rice Lake IQ+710 indicator and LaserLight Remote Scoreboard. Installed at Allied Waste-Ironwood Landfill, Apache Jct, AZ, .

Cardinal EPR 100 ft Truck Scale

Cardinal 100 Ton "EPR", 100' x 11' Truck Scale with model 220 Digital Indicator. Installed in Florence, AZ