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Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load Scales

Self-Contained, High-Capacity Portable Wheel Load Scales!

The Industry Standard in Digital Wheel Load Weighing

PT300™ scales have been setting the bar for portable, self-contained, compact wheel load scales for decades. Used to maximize legal payloads and reduce maintenance due to overload stress on equipment, these all aluminum, fully-equipped electronic scales are capable of weighing up to 20,000lbs (10,000kgs) with an accuracy of ± 1%. They also feature RFX™ Wireless Weighing communication between scales and remote indicators, and all PT300™ scales come standard with solar charging panels that virtually eliminate the need to manually recharge batteries between uses.

PT300™ scales can also weigh dual-tire configurations by placing the scales under the outside tires, with the inside tires suspended in the air.

NTEP Certified Models Available

Cardinal CWL-40 axle load scales

Cardinal’s CWL-40 axle load scales are constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratio. Weighing only 57 pounds (26 kg) per 28.5 x 17.5-inch (72 x 45 cm) platform and featuring integral carrying handles, the CWL-40 axle pads are light enough for easy transport from location to location.

The interlocking rubber ramps easily snap in place once you’re ready to weigh. The CWL-40KIT contains two CWL-40 axle pads with 20-ton capacity, rubber ramps, and necessary cables, plus Cardinal’s 190A weight indicator with axle weighing software and P150 thermal ticket printer.

Both the 190A indicator and P150 printer may be powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries (optional – 190A / standard – P150). The 190A indicator features two RS232 serial ports (to connect with a printer and remote display) and the one-inch-high backlit LCD is visible in direct sunlight and at night.

CAS RW-S/L Wheel Weighing Scale

The RW-S/L Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for mobile weight inspection. Connect up to 6 scales for mulit-axle weighing. Ideal for mobile weight inspections and safeguarding against overload weight vehicles.

  • RW-S - 10,000 x 5 lb/5,000 x 2 kg
  • RW-L - 20,000 x 10 lb/10,000 x 5 kg
  • Easy-to-carry Steel Handle
  • Battery Operated with AC adapter/charger
  • Charger Included
  • Easy to Read 1"" LCD Display with Backlight
  • Scales are linkable for multi-axle weighing
  • Shock load protection
  • Cast Aluminum Construction - Water Resistant
  • Legal for Trade

  • Intercomp SW Series Vehicle Weighing Scale

    Highly Portable & Durable Weigh Pads!

    SW™ Series Scale Systems are designed for weighing anything from tractors to mobile homes and are ideal to ensure weight limits are met to avoid overload fines, ensure accurate information for consumers and reduce stress on equipment.


    • Batteries
    • Wireless Indicator to Fully Control Scale Functions: Handheld Weighing Indicator or PT20™ CPU

    AX900 Portable Axle Scales

    Intercomp AX900 Portable Axle Scale Series. No other axle scale system offers more cutting edge technology to ensure vehicles can be check weighed in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The ruggedness and modular design of the systems make them ideal for locations where larger permanent scale installations are not feasible.

    Cardinal 760PS/PA Portable Electronic Axle Scale

    Cardinal’s completely portable 760PS/PA axle scale is a 7 x 2.5-foot (without ramps) two-module axle load scale that gives you the performance you need… where you need it and when you need it. At only 400 lbs per (aluminum) platform, this relatively lightweight scale handles like a heavyweight with a 60,000 lb capacity. Each scale comes complete with four steel or aluminum access ramps, checkered deck, stainless steel junction box, and environmentally-protected stainless steel load cells (4 SB20000S load cells per platform).

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