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Sartorius Miras 2 Precision Bench Scale

Designed in Germany

The Sartorius Miras ® 2 Bench Scale was designed in Germany by the world renown Sartorius-Intec to provide superior accuracy and performance for today’s contemporary laboratories and industrial settings.

This bench scale gives outstanding corner loading capability, at the same time as providing 30,000 divisions accuracy. Offering performance that most scales can only dream of, the Miras range is now fitted with RS232 output as standard.

Parts counting program, portability with six “D” Cell operation, check-weighing program, Net/Gross display, filters and kg/lb display complete the picture of this sought after product.

Sartorius Midrics Industrial Scales

Midrics by Sartorius, the versatile industrial scale, available in painted or stainless steel. Class III resolution starting with 0.2g resolutions.

Industrial scales for simple weighing tasks with integrated application programs. Modular design, 2 indicator models, 13 platform sizes. Weighing range 3 kg to 3000 kg. Readability 0.2 to 200 g.

  • Painted versions have an IP65 protection rating and are therefore suited for industrial use
  • Stainless steel versions have IP67|IP68 protection ratings and are therefore suited for industrial use in wet environments (stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304)
  • 2 indicators (display and control unit)
  • 13 platform sizes
  • 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
  • 2 versions for use in legal metrology of accuracy class III, resolution of 3000 e and 2 + 3000 e or standard resolution (15000 d)

Sartorius-Intec Signum Precision Bench Scale

Industrial scales for sophisticated weighing tasks, extremely rugged and resistant. For Ex-zones 2 and 22. IP65 protected.Readability 0.001 g to 20 g. Weighing capacity 0.6 kg to 65 kg.

  • 3 indicators, 3 weighing technologies
  • Also available in stainless steel version
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Resolution 35.000 d to 350.000 d
  • Model-dependent factory-verified options up to Class II and III
  • Various options ava

Sartorius-Intec Combics Precision Bench Scales

With the Combics product family, Sartorius offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal and electrical industries.
Combics can adjust optimally to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options.

Combics complete scales come combined with platforms and indicators already installed and ready for use. Multiple combination options ensure the highest degree of individuality.

  • Painted and stainless steel versions available
  • Precision up to 30,000d when not used in legal metrology
  • Area of application from 16 kg to 300 kg in various platform dimensions
  • Flexibility due to 9 application programs
  • Easy integration due to standardized data interfaces, e.g. RS232, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP
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