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Detecto MSB-25 Bulk Mail Scale

Detecto’s MSB-25 stainless steel bulk mail scale can display weight of a single piece of mail, the number of pieces per pound, or the number of pieces on the scale after entry of a sample, making it a versatile scale for the mailroom or shipping department.

Platform measures 17 W x 21 D x 5 H inch (432 W x 533 D x 127 H mm). Status indicators for motion, zero, gross weight, net weight, tare, weight per piece, piece per weight, count, sample, pounds, and pounds-ounces are included as well as an RS232 serial port for printer or computer connectivity. 25 lb x .005 lb or .1 oz capacity.

AWTX-NCI Weight Classifier Scale

Display Controls - ZERO: Includes Auto Zero Tracking and manual push button to re-establish zero reference. TEST: Runs a diagnostic test to ensure scale is fully functional, and allows a real-time view of internal settings

Display - 1/2" high, six digit LCD

Construction - Stainless steel weight platter, die cast aluminum base

Field Calibration - Alternate span points can simplify field calibration by using less than full capacity weights. Can be set-up as either decimal pound or kilogram

Capacity -

Capacity (lb)

Capacity (kg)

100 lb x 0.02 lb

50 kg x 0.01 kg*

150 lb x 0.05 lb

60 kg x 0.02 kg*

AWTX / NCI 7880 Bench Shipping Scale

Operator Keys - ZERO: With AZT or push button to re-establish zero reference. UNITS: Allows unit switching, on a real-time view of internal setting

Display - 1/2" high, 6 digit LCD

Power - AC power

Construction - Stainless steel weight platter, painted mild steel base enclosure

Capacity -

Capacity (lb)

Capacity (kg)

150 lb x 0.05 lb

75 kg x 0.02 kg

250 lb x 0.05 lb

100 kg x 0.02 kg

300 lb x 0.1 lb

150 kg x 0.05 kg

Pennsylvania 7300 Series Bench Weighing scales

Better than the competition: Heavy duty CAST base construction and standard resolution of 10,000 counts make our shipping/receiving/bench weighing scales the standard of the industry.

  • Proven PLUS+ Series universal Main Board technology - consistent design
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty
  • Capacities from 2/5 lbs (8 x 8" platforms) to popular 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200 lbs models with 10,000 standard display graduations
  • Remote Displays - just plug and play
  • Standard Lbs/Kgs or choose any 2 weighing units
  • Programmable and flexible RS-232 (DB9 located in cavity under the scale) has default settings for UPS WorldShip (tm) and many other shipping systems
  • Optional Ball tops for shipping applications
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