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Rice Lake MotoWeigh In-Motion Checkweigher

MotoWeigh in-motion weighing systems offer a broad selection of features and options to maximize efficiency. Find incredible accuracy and speed in a system that's designed for frequent and easy cleaning


• Four levels of security

• Real time statistical information

• Product report

• Statistical report

• Parameter report

• User report

• Store up to 1,000 different products

• Five zone classification

Control Panel • Power disconnect with lock-out-tag-out

• E-stop

• VFD (variable frequency drive)

• Motor overloads

Hardware • Square tube construction (SST or Aluminum)

• 32 inch height from top of belt with +/- 2.5 inch of adjustment

• Modular belting

• Drive on right hand side of belt (looking down belt flow)

  • Control panel mounted on left hand side of belt (looking down belt flow)

  • Avery Weigh-Tronix CVC In-Motion Checkweigher

    The Avery Weigh-Tronix conveyor scale is a free standing, self-powered industrial scale for in motion weighing.

    This conveyor scale is suitable for weighing individual boxes, cartons, cans or unpackaged products such as large cuts of meat.

    Our freestanding, self-contained conveyor scale is easy to incorporate into new or existing production lines.

    The self powered design operates independently of existing belt conveyors and is unaffected by idler friction or belt tension, for added reliability.

    This belt weigher is designed to be paired with a weight indicator which can activate accept/reject devices.

    The indicator also has RS232/485 outputs to interface with label printers, label applicators, computers and bar code readers.

    Doran Selectra In-Motion Checkweigher

    Gain valuable insight on your plant’s production process by using the Selecta in-motion checkweigher. Why rely on often inaccurate manual samples when you can achieve accurate 100% production inspection. Use the real-time reports to control production errors such as overfilling, product shortage, or defective items.

    This dynamic weighing system can be also be configured with the included Selecta Synapse software. This software builds on Doran’s experience designing software for data collection, quality control, and formula creation in industrial and food manufacturing environments. Using Selecta Synapse, management can retrieve data in easy to read reports to use for quality control, employee accountability, and product verification. All the production data and PLU parameters are stored in a database for archiving and quick, accurate retrieval.

    The Selecta was designed to achieve four common goals - minimize costly downtime, maximize productivity, achieve rapid ROI and provide advanced reporting on collected production data

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