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ITCM Tension Load Cell Assembly

Standard Features

  • Capacities (per module): 100-20,000 lb (45.4-9071.1 kg)
  • Clevis mounts with nylon insulating washers
  • PTFE lined rod end ball joints
  • Load cell is completely isolated from stray currents (excluding 20,000 lb capacity)
  • Grounding strap provides alternative path to ground
  • Complete package for ease of installations
  • Provides correct load cell loading even in difficult installations
  • Lower overall height compared to other isolated tension assemblies
    Complete Kit Includes:
  • 1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box
  • 3 or 4 ITCM assemblies with RL20000 NTEP-certified S-Beam laod cells
  • 25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable

RL 1600 Load Cell Mounting Kit

The RL1600 Series Mounting Module Kit utilizes several Rice Lake Weighing Systems components to provide an unmatched level of performance in tank and hopper weighing applications. The RL1600 Series kit is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor process control operations in the medium- to high-capacity ranges. Each module incorporates self-checking capabilities for thermal expansion and contraction.

Standard Features

  • Capacities (per module): 1000-75,000 lb (453.6-34,019.5 kg)
  • Self-checking, easy-to-use design allows module to be bolted directly to tank leg without requiring additional mounting plates or load buttons
  • Environmentally protected load cells
  • Double-ended shear beam design, center loaded
  • Painted mild steel construction

EZ Mount 1 Tank Weighing Load Cell Kit

The EZ Mount 1 Series weigh modules utilize the double-ended beam design with an articulating top plate to provide superior accuracy in any loading condition. The double-ended beam design means there is less cumbersome hardware and each module has a lower profile than modules of different configurations. NTEP certified and FM approved RL70000 Series load cells give you accuracy and dependability in many applications, including intrinsically safe and explosion proof areas.

Standard Features

  • Capacities (per module): 5000-250,000 lb (2268-113,398.1 kg)
  • NTEP-certified load cells
  • Unique sliding pin design compensates for thermal expansion/contraction
  • Self-checking
  • Easy load cell replacement
  • Simplified design allows bolting directly to tank and floor
  • Center-loaded double-ended shear beam design
  • Low-profile design
  • Painted mild steel construction

RL50210 TA Tank Weighing Assembly

Standard Features

  • NTEP-certified load cells (alloy steel only), 1:5000d, Class III Multiple Cell
  • Zinc plated, mild steel assemblies
  • Medium weighing ranges from 1000-2500 lb (453.6-1134.0 kg) per module
  • Environmentally protected load cells
  • Neoprene isolation/compression mounts allows for minor misalignment, thermal expansion and shock absorption
  • Overload stop provides durability
  • RL50210 stainless steel mounts use RL35023S stainless steel load cells, capacities: 1000-2500 lb (453.6-1134.0 kg) NTEP cells
  • 65059 stainless steel mounts use Vishay Sensortronics 65023S NTEP stainless steel load cells
    Complete Kit Includes:
  • 1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box
  • 3 or 4 RL35023 shear beam load cells
  • Stainless steel kits include RL305023S load cell
  • 3 or 4 neoprene isolation/compression mounts
  • 25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable

CenterPoint Self-Checking Load Cell Kit

Cardinal’s CenterPoint Tank/Hopper Scales utilize double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells with center load design. The bolt-in-place mounting assembly with articulating top plate makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor weighing applications.

Available in three or four legged mounting assemblies with mild or stainless steel stands and self-checking sliding pin design, the CenterPoint load cell kits are perfect for mixing, blending, batching, inventory control, and general weighing.

Combine them with one of Cardinal’s state-of-the-art 200 series weight indicators for a complete digital weighing system. Capacities range from 7,500 to 200,000 lbs.

THBC Load Cell Kit

Cardinal’s model THBC electronic load cell kits are for use with SB and DB load cells, depending on kit. Available in mild or stainless steel, these electronic tank scale systems include three or four stand assemblies, stainless steel SB or DB series load cells, and a stainless steel junction box. They are ideal for new or existing installations.

Double link suspension and 30 feet of load cell cable included on DB models. System capacities vary based on number of cells from 7,500 lbs to 120 tons

HBC Hydraulic Load Cell Kit

The Cardinal HBC hydraulic tank/hopper scale systems are designed to keep weighing accurately even in the harshest conditions and are the most reliable tank and hopper scales on the market.

No power is required within the scale itself, offering the ultimate in lightning protection. They feature stainless steel load cell construction and each system is supplied with a totalizer cabinet and 20 ft of copper or optional stainless steel tubing per load cell. Self-checking 3 and 4 legged stand assemblies are available in mild or stainless steel. NTEP legal-for-trade certified (consult factory). Capacities available from 7,500 to 400,000 lbs.

BWB Batching Weigh-Bar Kit

The BWB batching weighbar features a self-leveling chain link design, making it ideal for hoppers and silos, where vibration and off-center loading can be a problem.

The chain link assemblies are also fully washdown protected, for food and chemical applications.

Corrosion protection, mild steel weighbar

The BWB is made of mild steel with epoxy paint for corrosion protection. It is sold in kits with capacities from 1500 lbs to 80,000 lbs.

The BWB weighbar is Legal for trade approved, for applications where product is sold by weight, and is accurate to 5,000 divisions.

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