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Rice Lake RailBoss™ Rail Scales

For weight verification and other non-NTEP needs, the RailBoss rail scale is a cost-effective and easy-to-install method for weighing stationary railroad cars. Powered by Rice Lake's 920i® and RailBoss software, RailBoss can be purchased as an eight-section Full-Draft system, or a simpler four-section Double Draft model.

RailBoss utilizes MS quick-disconnect cable connectors to reduce unexpected maintenance and repairs. The enhanced cable connectors automatically release before reaching damaging tension, saving valuable repair time and replacement costs.

Many scrap yards, agricultural operations and plants that could not justify the space, installation time and cost of a conventional rail scale can afford to install our RailBoss rail scale. It usually takes less than eight hours to install and is less than one-third the cost.

Due to the wide variety of installation configurations, please consult the factory to discuss application requirements and to receive complete specifications and price quotations.

Cardinal LPRA Low-Profile Railroad Track Scale

Cardinal Scale’s LPRA low-profile railroad track scales features heavy-duty rugged steel weighbridges, stainless steel USA-made electronic or hydraulic load cells (hydraulic load cells are impervious to lightning and water damage), 20 different models available, up to 270-ton gross capacities, E-80 Cooper AREMA rating, and accuracy class IIIL legal for trade (NTEP and Measurement Canada).

The UV-protected, anti-corrosion tan powder paint compliments any environment and all weighbridges are shot-blasted and power-washed clean of debris before painting for optimum quality.

The low-profile design eliminates the expense and maintenance of a pit meaning construction costs are lower.

Rice Lake Survivor PL Modular Rail Scale

SURVIVOR railroad track scales incorporate Rice Lake’s best-in-class weighbridge design to create a rugged, accurate heavy duty weighing system. Used in static weighing operations, the SURVIVOR PL Modular Type railroad track scale excels in high-accuracy, Legal for Trade weighing and meet AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications.

The SURVIVOR® PL is a low-profile, pitless modular railroad track scale. This heavy-duty workhorse is manufactured with more steel content than competitive models to provide decades of accurate rail car weighing. With the SURVIVOR PL, both full-draft and two-draft weighing is available.

Due to the variety of configurations, Please consult the factory to discuss application requirements and for complete specifications and price quotations.

Standard Features

  • Gross capacity—85 tons to 170 tons
  • Sectional capacity—85 tons
  • Module sizes—12'6", 15', 18', 25' available
  • Platform width—7'8", 18.5" low profile design
  • Bolted checkered steel top plate
  • Designed for 115 lb and 132 lb rail
  • Longitudinal and lateral checking assemblies with top access
  • 100K CSP1-100K load cells
  • Lightning and surge suppression kit
  • Rail clips for deck
  • Anti-creep angles
  • Low profile above-grade installation
  • Load cells accessible from sides of scale
  • Copper transient bypass cables
  • In-bridge conduit runs
  • NTEP Certified, CC#02-087, 98-009
  • Accuracy is 0.1% in accordance with NIST, AAR and AREMA requirements. Accuracy is based on rail cars uncoupled at both ends.

Cardinal RSCA Pit-Type Railroad Track Scale

The massively constructed, heavy steel weighbridge of Cardinal’s model RSCA railroad scale is stabilized laterally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform.

Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive dirt, moisture and foreign material from entering the pit, providing this rugged electronic scale accuracy, dependability and exceptionally long life.

The unique weighbridge design prevents lateral forces, caused from rail traffic going on and off the platform, from being transmitted to the load cells. NTEP legal-for-trade.

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