Cardinal Hydraulic Truck Scale Application

This Solid Waste Transfer facility opened in July of 1996, Scale Center was selected to provide two truck scales for the facility. The first scale was for inbound traffic of residential trash trucks, this scale was manufactured by Cardinal Scale Mfg is a model PRC, 45’ x 11’ platform truck scale, with “Digital” load cells. The scale is equipped with an outdoor kiosk that allows the driver to enter route specific information and trash or recyclable material ID's.

The second scale is located in a below grade tunnel where tractor-trailer trucks are loaded from the above “Tipping” floor for transportation to the landfill. This scale is also manufactured by Cardinal Scale Mfg, is a model PRC and consists of three 17’-6” x 11’ platforms, also equipped with “Digital" load cells. The scale is supplied with a remote display in the tunnel for the drivers to record their Axle and Gross weights and the “Tipping” floor crane operator has a separate weight indicator to view and send competed transactions to the site server for documentation and billing purposes.

In the years following the opening, the facility was faced with severe flooding from monsoon rain storms, these storms caused the “Tunnel” scales to flood many times over the years. The extreme water issues caused premature rust and corrosion problems in the weighbridge steel, wiring and load cells which prompted the decision to replace the scale.

The scale was replaced with the Cardinal GUARDIAN hydraulic truck scale. The GUARDIAN truck scale was the perfect fit for the problem, the scale was replaced with these items in mind;

  • 1. We want a scale that is impervious to water; the GUARDIAN’s load cells are hydraulic and can operate in wet and corrosive environments, they are also immune to lighting or power surge damage. No electronics are contained within the scale pit.
  • 2. The scale must be installed over a weekend in order to keep down time at a minimum. Since the GUARDIAN was replacing the older PRC model scale, the new scale was able to be installed in the existing foundation without ANY concrete work modifications.

In September 2011, Scale Center coordinated the removal and installation with the customers staff for the installation over a weekend.

Our work began on a Friday afternoon, where the existing scale was removed and the pit was cleaned throughly. Saturday, we located and installed the new hydraulic load cells, hardware and required conduit work. Sunday the platforms were installed and leveled, the hydraulic load cells were terminated to the Totalizer summing box that contained pressure transduceres and then connected to weight indicator. Testing and calibration was then completed without ANY adjustments and the customer was ready for their first waste truck on Monday morning.

Here are comments from our customer;

“Thank you for facilitating the installation of the new Cardinal Guardian truck scales for the tunnel. It went much better than I thought it would, Your guys did a fantastic job!!

“The Cardinal truck scale system is sound and has required very little maintenance since it was installed.”

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