Axle, Truck & Railroad Scales

Axle, Truck & Railroad Scale

Scales that meet NTEP legal for trade requirements in bench, floor, hanging or vehicle weighing applications. From manufacturers like Cardinal / Detecto Scale, Doran Scale, Intercomp, Rice Lake Weighing and more.

Axle and truck scales are used for sell-by-weight transactions or safety testing to make sure a vehicle is safe for travel and not overloaded. We sell, install, and maintain all types of axle and truck scales. We can also help with portable axles load scales and portable wheel load scales.

Railroad scales are still used today in a few markets. They are still a means of efficient travel for large amounts of goods. Companies trust Scale Center of Arizona for their railroad scale needs. We have many years of experience with this type of scale and can help not only install new scales, but maintain your current railroad scale.


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