Scale Calibration

Phoenix, Arizona Scale Calibration

With being one of the leaders in the distribution of scales throughout Arizona, we are also a leader in scale repair and calibration.

A scale that does not produce accurate measurements is only hurting the business that uses it. We calibrate all types of scales on a scheduled maintenance calendar, or whenever you may need it! We have proper test equipment to test large scales for trucks, small scales for labs, and everything in between. Accuracy and safety are our number 1 priorities when testing scales. We do everything in a safe manner and ensure your scales are giving accurate readings.

Give us a call today at 602-272-1468 and ask us about our scale calibrations services in Phoenix, Arizona! We can do a one-time service, or add a maintenance plan to help make sure your scales are measuring properly every time!

Industrial Scale Calibration

Axle, Truck & Railroad Scale Calibration

Force Measuring & Testing Scale Calibration

Laboratory & Precision Weighing Scale Calibration


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