Axle and Truck Scales

Axle and Truck Scales

Scales that meet NTEP legal for trade requirements in bench, floor, hanging or vehicle weighing applications. From manufacturers like Cardinal / Detecto Scale, Doran Scale, Intercomp, Rice Lake Weighing and more.

One of the most popular and most critical services we offer is our track scales. We always are sure to use NTEP legal scales that are up to standard and up to code; safety is our primary concern. These scales can be used for bench, floor, hanging, or vehicle weighing applications. One advantage of using Scale Center of Arizona for your weigh scale applications is that we are prepared with the best equipment that will be exactly what you need. Some of our most popular scales include Cardinal, Detecto scale, Intercomp, Doron Scale, and Rice Lake trucks. Whatever you are looking for our group of certified professionals are ready to assist you with whatever tool will get the results effectively and accurately. One other service that you can expect from Scale Center of Arizona is truck scale installations. When you decide to work with us there you can be confident that the job will be done accurately and professionally. 
In order to make the most out of your truck scales, we are thrilled to offer comprehensive preventative maintenance. We are proud to be an educator and a guide when it comes to getting the full value out of scales. We stick to a general rule of a sixth month check up. Some of the keys we believe in for maintenance include: calibration, foundation, weighbridge, checking devices, load cells, junction box, grounding, and quality counts. The truck scale is a major investment and it is worth protecting. Take the necessary steps in order to get the most out of yours. 


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